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Making HTML Headers Look Nice

Headings can show orphan issues that can cause readability issues. In this context, an orphan is a single word (or syllable) that sits at the bottom of a paragraph of text. As a developer, you don't...

Hanging punctuation in CSS

Chris Coyuer wrote about the hanging punctuation CSS property, how it works and why it may be useful. This property controls the pulling of characters, usually quotation marks, from the body of the...

Reading on the Web

This post will look at two areas related to reading online: How people read online How to determine optimal font sizes? Is there such a thing? If people scan the content of your page, what font size...

Evergreen may not mean what you think it does

Evergreen browsers are those that update themselves automatically, or very close to it, without user intervention. This is particularly useful when it comes to new features. We don't have to wait for...

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