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Making HTML Headers Look Nice


Headings can show orphan issues that can cause readability issues.

In this context, an orphan is a single word (or syllable) that sits at the bottom of a paragraph of text.

As a developer, you don't know the final size, font size, or even the language of a headline or paragraph. All the variables needed for an effective and aesthetic treatment of text wrapping, are in the browser.

Using text-wrap: balance we can provide better control over these orphan headings.

Before we had text-wrap: balance we had few tools to keep the heading lines balanced. The best (and probably only) options are to use the <wbr> tag or the &shy; entity to help browsers decide where to break lines and words.

:is(h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6) {
  max-width: 50ch;
  max-inline-size: 50ch;
  text-wrap: balance;

Use this as progressive enhancement. If this works, it's an improvement and, if it doesn't, then it'll look slightly worse but it will still display the content.

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