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Building long-form content on the web


It's been a while since I've researched and written about long-form content for the web.

New technologies and APIs make it easier to create contet that is a far cry from Bibliotype.

Bibliotype is a project from Craig Mod aimed at creating long-form reading experiences for iPads (at the time the project was developed there were no Android tablets).

But now we have technologies that make the whole concept of a Bibliotype-like page easier to implement. There are also web technologies that were not available ten years ago to make it even more interesting to explore and implement now.

This series of posts will look at some technical and typographical aspects necessary to create long-form content that is comfortable to read from a screen.

The posts will not deal with how people read online. Hopefully, by using the techniques in this series we'll create better experiences for people to want to read online.

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