Do we have the tools to do print on the web? More and more I’m starting to think we can do a fairly nice job of doing print-like layouts for our web content. Not all the technologies are ready yet but we’re getting close. In the following sections we’ll look at some of these technologies… Read More

This topic may sound familiar to people who have been reading my blog for a while. I’ve posted about most, if not all the component technologies I’ll be speaking about below. I hope I can change the context of the discussion enough not to bore you to death. Unless it’s necessary I will not write… Read More

One of the most frustrating things from doing CSS development is all the cool things that appear on the horizon that we can’t really use right now and won’t be able to until browser vendors decide that they can implement in a performant manner and one which will not “break the web”. The result is… Read More

my take on cutting the mustard I’m old enough to remember doing some serious browser detection when building pages. We had to detect browsers because they worked different enough (even within different platforms of the same version of a browser.) Browser detection fell out of favor as standards improved and browser vendors decided to work… Read More

One of the earliest large scale interactions between man and technology I saw is Unnumbered Sparks, an installation by Janet Echelman and Aaron Koblin produced for TED’s 30th anniversary in Vancouver, BC. What I found most striking, even though I wasn’t there was the audience participation. people passing by the exhibit would use their phones… Read More