All the talk I hear about front end web development has to deal with frameworks, the best way to optimize Javascript and CSS and the best way to minimize the number of HTTP requests. But that’s not the only thing that happens. The early web was text and text only. The the first draft of… Read More

Specification and API subject to change. Be aware that the specification is not finalized and it may change in incompatible ways. Do not use responsive images in production yet. If you do you do so at your own risk Once upon a time we were cool by just putting an image (or more) in our… Read More

A grocery store in Melno Park, California sets up a special display to sell jam. At certain times, the display had six flavors to choose from. At other times, the display had 24 choices. Each person who came by the sample booth was given a $1 coupon to purchase. The displays were up for a… Read More

There are some amazing things we can do with just CSS in modern browsers (and some not so modern ones too.) I’m documenting some of my favorites for posterity and also because they have an unusually high level of support. CSS3 Selectors New additions to the selector family introduced in CSS3. Includes: [foo^=”bar”], [foo$=”bar”], [foo*=”bar”],… Read More

This is an update of sorts for Flexboxes and the holy grail with better code and better explanations   Note: All code examples in this section use autoprefixer to avoid writing vendor prefixes by hand and future proofing the code. Codepen allows you to automatically use autoprefixer in all your pens. I was surprised that… Read More