Kerning can refer to one of two things: spacing instructions that type designers put into font files to mitigate awkward character combinations, or spacing adjustments that graphic designers make as they typeset In this section we will only discuss the second definition of Kerning. We will cover both the built-in CSS kerning features and Lettering.js,… Read More

Given the same font, alignment and hyphenation have a definitive impact on the way we read content and how it appears on-screen None of the paragraphs above is hyphenated. Note in particular how the Justified paragraph leaves larger gaps between words to accommodate the justification. It is the same, although not so noticeable, in the… Read More

Elliot Jay Stocks presented on Advanced Typography at the Generate 2014 conference in London. It provides a lot of information about this subject. Elliot Jay Stocks — Generate 2014 conference Like this:Like Loading…… Read More

Another aspect to consider is the color for your typefaces. This is a very design-dependent step. Were you given a color palette as part of your design brief? Then use those. But if you’re planning your own project then you can use the tools below. Adobe Color CSS (Formerly known as Adobe Kuler) let’s you… Read More

Media queries are a part of the progressive enhancement process. Using Media Queries (Specification and first public draft of Level 4 extensions) you can use a single CSS style sheet to work with multiple devices. At its most basic, a media query tells the browser to change selectors and attributes based on a certain value… Read More