This is the first of a series of articles on Typography and the potential of text on the web Over the past few months I’ve rekindled my interest in typography; how it works in print and how it works online. I’m also working through two typography books that are very relevant to both typographic work… Read More

One of the most intriguing things I’ve learned about SVG over the last few months is that we can run CSS, including media queries, inside the SVG file itself so the queries will modify the internal content of the files will change based on the queries inside the svg. Getting started The CSS for the… Read More

Books as applications What would it take to make our books in to applications for the web? In this article we’ll explore what is an application, what is a web application, why it now makes sense to turn our books in to web applications. What is an application? What is a web application? Application software… Read More

We’ll borrow a play from the SVG playbook for this post. We’ll use clip path to generate masks around an image to control what the user gets to see and what shapes the image takes without changing the image itself. We’ll look at the process and then we’ll build an e-book with examples to test… Read More

Trimming the CSS fat After reading India Amos Degristling the sausage: BBEdit 11 Edition I thought I’d share my tricks for making CSS files as small as possible. While I learned these tricks as a front end developer they apply equally to creating content for e-books. One thing that has always stopped me from fully… Read More