variables in CSS (yay?) I’ve raved about variables in SASS and have used them extensively to create themes and write less SCSS for the same result. Now that browsers other than Firefox support the feature, has it in development (Chrome) or is considering implementation Edge it’s time to revisit this. Another reason to take a… Read More

GPL and why I don’t develop for WordPress Full Disclosure: I own a Thesis Developer License and used it for several years on my personal blog. I stopped using Thesis when they moved to 2.0 with a paradigm change that I didn’t like. I still have the skin I developed and may consider doing development… Read More

Athena: Revisiting a possible digital publishing flow From a technical stand point. Web Components and the Polymer Project in particular provide a way to compose larger applications from base components and to provide flexible and powerful APIs to make our applications look great and feel powerful. What attracted me to Polymer when I first started… Read More

There are two ways to use video on the web: You can upload your content to a hosting server like Youtube or Vimeo and let them worry about compression and delivery Compress and upload your video files to your server and assume the cost and the consequences We will work on the second idea, hosting… Read More

Rail: Putting the user first Paul Irish and Paul Lewis wrote an article for Smashing Magazine outlining a new way to look at performance by analyzing how users perceive the speed of your site. Paul Irish presented about RAIL at SFHTML5’s AMP Project Presentations. He began by asking the question What is slow? Is changing… Read More