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Text Shadows in CSS


I've always liked shadows as a way to give depth to content that would otherwise be flat and uninspiring.

My first approach at creating shadows in CSS was to use box-shadow, primarily in title boxes where the entire container would have a shadow and not the individual laters.

text-shadow does the same thing for text that box-shadow does for boxes.

As presented in the example below, the four values for the text-shadow property are:

  • offset-x
  • offset-y
  • blur-radius
  • color
h1 {
  color: rebeccapurple;
  font-size: 160px;
  text-shadow: 8px 4px 2px darkgrey;

Shadows are a nice way to provide depth to content that would normally be flat. text-shadow does this for text and it makes for more dynamic text.

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