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Compiling Go Programs

In all previous Go-related posts, we've just run the code using Go's run command, like so: go run main.go <parameters> But there are times when we must compile the program either for internal use...

Using Third-Party Libraries in Go

So far we've covered command-line applications that only use modules in the standard library This post will explore using third-party modules by building a conversion tool from Markdown to HTML Before...

Opening and Writing Files With Go

In the last post, we looked at how to build an API server using Go. In this post, we'll look at one part of building command line applications: how to open and write files. We'll also cover related...

Creating the Backend for a Web App in Go

I've always struggled with how to bring languages like Go and Rust into my web development work. Tooling is the easiest way to go. There is a reason why most new web development tooling is written in...

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