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PostCSS plugins I want to look at


Since I decided to move to a PostCSS workflow from SASS, there are a few other plugins that I want to look at to consider adding them to the workflow.

I'm not 100% sure that any of these plugins will make it to the PostCSS process. I'm documenting them here to keep a record of what the thought process was.

  • Management: These plugins will control behavior and results of using PostCSS
  • Conditionals: Will provide equivalents to SASS programatic controls: @if, @for, @each
    • postcss-conditionals offers an if/else statement equivalent to SASS @if
    • postcss-for allow writing conditional logic in a way that mostly mirror SASS.
    • postcss-each gives you the ability to loop over an array of values and act on each one
  • Others: Add the ability to use custom elements defined with @property

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