The Publishing Project

CSS regions, exclusions, shapes and new publishing paradigms

Introduction Smashing Magazine Newspaper Designs article shows examples of what printed media can do. Having learned to use InDesign for ePub-based ebooks I’ve come to respect the power and flexibility of printed media… working primarily in web environments I’ve always wondered what it would take to do similar layouts. Over the last year at the two HTML5 Developer Conferences I’ve heard more and more about new CSS technologies that would make print-like layouts possible:Regions, Shapes and Exclusions. Adobe has been championing these technologies, not surprising since they also create DTP and Layout programs. While these technologies (Exclusions, Shapes and Regions)

SASS, SCSS, CSS and Modular Design

What is SASS? SASS, syntactically aware style sheet, is a CSS pre-processor and scripting language that allows you flexibility in creating your CSS rules. It provides several programmatic tools to make CSS creation easier. The language is a superset of CSS3, allowing you to create the same CSS that you do by hand but with many additional features. Install SASS SASS is a Ruby-based command line utility gem. As such it requires Ruby and the Ruby Gems to be installed on your system. Mac and most Linux distributions come with both programs already installed. Windows users can use the Ruby

How Does Digital Affect Funding

Gone are the days where you had hoped that a big investor would see your project and hope that you’d make enough money to recoup the investors’ money and maybe, if you’re lucky, make some yourself. Music, books and games have benefited greatly for crowdfunding. Unlike traditional funding sources is the number of backers and the amounts that people have raised. They also provide with payment system where the money is held in escrow and, in the case of Kickstarter, only paid out if the process is successful in raising all its funds. Crowdfunding (alternately crowd financing, equity crowdfunding, crowd-sourced