The Publishing Project

Video, how has it changed and what you can do with it now

Since I last looked at video (it’s been a few years), there are new and amazing things that have happened in the field and I’m just amazed at the kind of stuff that you can do. This essay is the beginning of my exploration into the updated world of web video. In a separate essay I will explore web video’s cousin, WebRTC and describe there what the differences are. Video is a first class web citizen The humble video tag has come a long way since I last looked at it. It still requires a lot of extra work to

Case Study: MOBI publishing from Docbook

BACKGROUND In October of last year (2012) i was contacted by a German developer to do consulting on Docbook based ebook design and publishing. Because I had recently started a full time job I had to turn him down. 4 months later things had slowed down at work enough for me to reach out and check with the potential client to check if I could offer any assistance. I was sad to find out that he had given up and pretty much abandoned the project. I offered to run the project for free in exchange of being allowed to write