The Publishing Project


Another aspect to consider is the color for your typefaces. This is a very design-dependent step. Were you given a color palette as part of your design brief? Then use those. But if you’re planning your own project then you can use the tools below. Adobe Color CSS (Formerly known as Adobe Kuler) let’s you create color sets for your projects. If you use SASS/SCSS you can then turn the colors into variables to use in your CSS. Dudley Storye creataed a color Thesaurus that makes it easier to see what the colors will look like in the page. We

Media Queries: Not all displays are equal

Media queries are a part of the progressive enhancement process. Using Media Queries (Specification and first public draft of Level 4 extensions) you can use a single CSS style sheet to work with multiple devices. At its most basic, a media query tells the browser to change selectors and attributes based on a certain value or to load (or not load) a specified resource. For example, you can use media queries when loading a stylesheet with a link element: <link rel=”stylesheet” media=”(max-width: 800px)” href=”example.css” /> In this query, The user agen test is the the user agent is 800 pixels


Headings serve as the visual representation of our content and, as such, they deserve special consideration. We’ll discuss whether to use the same font as our body or whether it’s better to use a different one, and some things we can do with heading text. I wish I could tell you exactly what fonts to use but, as with many things type related, it’ll depend on many factors. Let’s look at what the possibilities are. Same or different fontface? One of the questions that always baffles me is whether to use the same font for headings as I use for

Paragraph Styling

Most the time we spend engaged with text is with paragraphs and that’s where I put a lot of my research time when working on a new project. You may be asking why put so much work on how the paragraphs look… As you will see in the example below there are many elements that are involved in controlling paragraph appearance. See the Pen Playing with paragraph type by Carlos Araya (@caraya) on CodePen. With the content above we can now start playing with type. Do the following activities to get a feel for how much type can change: Change