What I’m working on now

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Last updated 3/27/2016

  • Writing
    • The other side of offline: Client Side Storage
      • Sample code
    • My take on cutting the mustard
    • Publishing in the digital age
    • Web Content Optimization blog series
      • Sample Code

  • Application Shell and Service Workers
    • How it relates to Athena
  • Prollyfilling CSS Today
  • Adding semantics to your HTML
  • Why Performance Matters
  • Accessibility and Beyond
  • xQuery: Building XML Aware Web Content
  • Building Apps with Web Components
    • Idea for a book
    • Outline and some writing
  • Athena editor
    • Learning how Polymer Designer works and how to pipe in attributes into the tool
      • Designer is not ready for primetime and it doesn’t appear to be a priority for the team at Google
      • It may be possible to use but it’ll be much harder than expected
    • Implementing Athena Components
      • First batch created, pushed to github and bower registry
  • GPL and the issues I have with it
  • Learning Tableau
    • Find datasets for Dashboards and Visualization
    • Build exploratory dashboards
    • Get Cole’s book on data viz