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New in the CSS horizon


I've been looking at some CSS layout modules and aspects of the level 3 Fonts CSS Module and I have to admit that I'm happy, very happy. There are three areas where I'm going to concentrate this time around.

  • CSS Flexbox
  • CSS Grids
  • New functionality and their support level
  • Enhancement to font handling and new font features

I'm hoping to write more of these articles on a regular basis to keep up to speed in developments around CSS and web technologies. I'm partocularly interested in Flexbox because it is used by Polymer as the primary way to layout content.

In Flex boxes and the holy grail I made a first attempt at using a flex layout. It sorta worked... I was able to get the layout to work but the main content would never fit the height of the menu and sidebar. In the new example of flex holy grail it works.

If you want more information and examples of Flexbox and Grid Layouts I definitely recommend Rachel Andrew's CSS3 Layout Modules as a good guide to work alongside.

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