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Loading scripts the right way for everyone


Differential loading is the technique where you load different content for different browsers that support different sets of Javascript features and APIs.

<script type="module" src="/js/modern.mjs"></script>
<script nomodule defer src="/js/legacy.js"></script>

This works awesome with modern browsers that understand type="module" and that will happily ignore nomodule.

The problem is that we can't make that assumption safely. Some browsers will download the nomodule script twice and others that will download both scripts, even when they will only execute one of them.

Jeremy Wagner's article A Less Risky Differential Serving Pattern proposes the following hack to make sure that all browsers will load a single version of the code for the page depending on whether they use modules or not.

  // Create a new script element 
  //to slot into the DOM.
  var scriptEl = document.createElement("script");

  // Check whether the script element
  // supports the `nomodule` attribute.
  if ("noModule" in scriptEl) {
    scriptEl.src = "/js/modern.mjs";
    scriptEl.type = "module";
  } else {
    scriptEl.src = "/js/legacy.js";
    scriptEl.defer = true;


In a separate article in the 2018 Performance Calendar entry Doing Differential Serving in 2019 he goes more in-depth on how to prepare the bundles that will differentially serve.

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