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Font synthesis in CSS


There are times when browsers are too helpful. When there is no font to render bold, italic or small-caps text the browser will or synthesize the styles with unpredictable results but, likely, not what you want.

The font-synthesis descriptor allows authors to control whether supporting browsers will synthesize boldface, italics, small caps, or a combination of one more of these when there are no fonts available to render the correct.

The possible values for the descriptor are:

Neither bold, italic, nor small-caps typefaces may be synthesized.
A bold typeface may be synthesized.
An italic typeface may be synthesized.
A small-caps font may be synthesized

A combination of 1 or more values from the above list

The selected value(s) may be synthesized

The following table presents a list of the possible values for font-synthesis along with the equivalent values for the individual properties (discussed later).

font-synthesis value font-synthesis-weight value font-synthesis-style value font-synthesis-small-caps value
none none none none
weight auto none none
style none auto none
small-caps none none auto
weight style auto auto none
weight small-caps auto none auto
style small-caps none auto auto
weight style small-caps auto auto auto

The default value for the descriptor is style weight small-caps meaning that all three options are enabled if needed.

you chose the value non then there will be no italics and boldface styles applied to the document. This may significantly change the looks and the semantics of the document so be careful when and how you use it.

You can also work on properties for each individual font-synthesis componny. The values are:

Controls whether bold typefaces are synthesized. Equivalent to the weight value in font-synthesis
Controls whether bold typefaces are synthesized. Equivalent to the style value in font-synthesis
Controls whether bold typefaces are synthesized. Equivalent to the small-capts value in font-synthesis

This falls into the category of "It's nice to have but be careful how you use it". In an ideal world, we would load all the faces of the fonts we need but we don't always have that luxury since at the very least we need four different files to cover the basic variants of the font without synthesizing:

  • Regular (weight 400)
  • Italic (weight 400)
  • Bold (weight 700)
  • Bold Italic (weight 700)

Plus two additional files for each additional weight we might want to cover

  • Regular (weight 200)
  • Italic (weight 200)


  • Extra Bold (weight 900)
  • Extra Bold Italic (weight 900)

Variable fonts reduce the need for many files at the cost of larger font files.

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