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Editor As A PWA


In 2021 I thought of building a text editor based on Monaco and built as an Electron application was a good idea.

Rather than wrap Electron around the app, I will try to build an editor again but make it a PWA.

A PWA presents many of the advantages of a native app without many of the disadvantages.

  • Don't require downloads There is no app store to download from
  • Updates are automatic since there is no app store to download from
  • Installation is optional you can either run it in your browser or install it on your computer as a standalone app

So the goals for the project are:

  • Evaluate if Monaco is (still) a good editor for a PWA
    • If not then what would make a good alternative?
  • Integrate the following APIs into the process and evaluate how they integrate with Monaco
  • Integrate a testing framework to the project where it doesn't exist already
  • Evaluate if module bundling is still a good idea
  • Test if ES2017 is still a good target for compilation
  • Test if there's a way to make the editor save to remote locations like Dropbox, Google Drive, or an S3 bucket?

Throughout the year I will document the process, challenges, and learnings from building the project. By the end of the year, I hope to have a working prototype of the editor ready for use and review.

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