Creating the right kind of wow

I had to see this presentation multiple times yesterday and today before I realized what she actually meant. I’ve been guilty of wanting the WOW! the immediate surprise at the latest and greatest bells and whistles. But that’s not what she meant and that’s not what we should be concentrating on. We should be concentrating on the wow that makes people change their view of a subject or topic.

Pushing our publishing boundaries: 3d

One of the things that attracted me to 3d was the expressive possibilities of the medium and how we can incorporate these possibilities into a traditional publishing paradigm without having to resort to very expensive tools like the ones used for animation and CGI effects. Mr. Doob is the creator of Three.js arguably the most popular WebGL develoment framework in use today. In the first video, Mr. Doob and AlteredQualia, another Three.JS developer, talk about Three.JS and its future. The presentation also acts as a technical introduction to the library. [youtube=] The second presentation by Mr. Doob talks about how

Tony Parisi’s Slides from SFHTML5 Meetup

Tony did an awesome job of introducing WebGL and getting people excited about the technology, its promise to change the way we look at games and web development and how it assures convergence between the two. It also had its wow moments with the demos he did 😉 Video [youtube=] Presentation [slideshare id=30287962&doc=anintroductiontowebgl-140122011841-phpapp02]