Type Terminology and Definitions

Before we dive into Type selection we’ll do a few things: clear terminology and setup some common definitions to work from. The first one is the difference between typeface and font and then we’ll dive into a short (and incomplete) glossary of typographical terms Font versus Typeface I’ve been guilty of this: use font and type face interchangeably. They are most definitely not the same thing and should not be used as if they are. Typeface refers to the design of the font. Fonts is the media that contains typefaces and allows you to use them in your projects. The

Why Typography

This is the first of a series of articles on Typography and the potential of text on the web Over the past few months I’ve rekindled my interest in typography; how it works in print and how it works online. I’m also working through two typography books that are very relevant to both typographic work and overall front end design and development. Responsive Typography by Jason Pamental, On web typography by Jason Santa Maria and Professional Web Typography by Donny Truong. But it wasn’t until fluent that I got a better idea of why typography is important.I got the chance