Who are the next billion users and how do we accommodate them

Where are the next billion users for our applications come from? When answering this question we have to be careful. The answer itself is easy, the implications of the answer, not so much. I’ll leverage 2 presentations to support the rest of the essay. Tal Oppenheimer from Google’s Chrome team made a very interesting and thought provoking presentation about building the web for the next billion users and what we should consider when building our experiences. Bruce Lawson from Opera takes a different view of the next billion users. He warns us about where these users are coming from and

Conected City

This is a moon idea (in the spirit of Google’s moon projects) for a connected downtown. It uses Mountain View as an example not because it’s Google’s headquarters but because it’s my home town and I’m most familiar with how it works. A typical day I’ve decided to drive today… it doesn’t happen very often and I’m starting to miss the monster. The console at home is telling that the day is going to be nice, in the upper 70s and that I should prepare for a cooler night. The forecast says it’ll be 50 by 10pm tonight. The car