CSS paged media

In paged media the content of the document is split into one or more discrete pages. Paged media includes paper, transparencies, pages, Microsoft Word documents, Adobe PDF (portable document format) files among others This needs to be tested with modern browsers. As far as I know this is only supported on Chrome and, maybe, Firefox I am currently working on a sample page and associated stylesheet to test the concept and see how well it works. See the bottom of this post for more information We no longer need to convert our documents into PDF or Word in order to

Expressing colors in CSS

As part of my research in Web Typography I got reacquainted with the many ways you can express colors in CSS. This was originally in my typography document but I think it’s better if I move it out to prevent an already long document from becoming unmanageable. sRGB colors (3 or 6 digits) This was what I always associted with colors in CSS and until not too long ago it was the only way to express colors. You can use either syntax but, as you can see in the example below, the 6 digit syntax allows for more precision in

Using SASS smartly

This is a continuation to my earlier post on SASS: SASS, SCSS and Modular Design. This presents new ideas and more advanced mixins, tools and concepts. During development, watch what you’re doing An additional parameter to the SASS command line tool allows you to watch files for changes and then automatically recompile them. This reduces the commands that you have to type at the terminal and it makes it easier to track changes. The command I use to watch the folder containing my SASS is: sass \ –scss \ # tells SASS that we’re using the SCSS syntax –update \